Halloween C.R.A.F.T (Creative Really Awesome *almost* Free Things)

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Do you want to make some Halloween decor but are lacking the skills of Martha Stewart? Fear not. Here are some super simple, cheap and really cute Halloween craft ideas that you or your Nannies or Au Pairs can do with the kids. Lots of these supplies you can gather from the great outdoors for free, or very cheaply in supermarkets or craft shops. 

Bin bags? Check. Pipe cleaners and boggly eyes? Check. Glue, scissors and string? Check. Crayons? Everywhere… so lets get creative!!


Pinecone Spiders

Get out into the Autumnal air and collect yourselves some pinecones. Wrap 4 full length pipe cleaners around the pine cone to make 8 legs. Attach boggly eyes with glue to the bottom of the pinecone.  Use images of real spiders as inspiration and an opportunity to learn about different species…did you know that some spiders have 8 eyes as well as 8 legs…and some have no eyes at all! 

Glowing Ghosts                                 

Turn a disposable white plastic cup upside down and with black marker pen draw a spooky face. Bend a glow stick so that it activates and then place inside the cup. For extra spooking you can poke a hole in the bottom of the cup, add a string with a knot and hang!                                       

No Carve Pumpkins

If the thought of letting your little ones loose with scissors and knives fills you with more spooks than Halloween itself, fear not! Go on a scavenger hunt for things like leaves, pinecones, twigs, acorns and conkers, and secure all of your finds onto a pumpkin with glue. Conkers or chestnuts make great eyes, an acorn is as cute as a button for a nose and maple seeds make fabulous eyebrows! 

Mason Jar Mummies

All you need for these Mason Jar Luminaries is: Mason Jars, Gauze Bandage

Boggly eyes, Glue and Flameless Votive Candles. Simply glue one end of the bandage to the mason jar near the top or the bottom, wrap around the jar, secure the loose end with glue, glue on 2 boggly eyes, pop the votive in and ‘ta-daa’! 

Toilet Roll Bats 

Start by folding in both ends of an empty toilet paper roll. Fold them in on themselves until you have a sort of pillow shape. Paint it black. Draw and cut out some bat-shaped wings on black paper. Tape or glue the toilet roll onto the middle of the wings. Add some boggly eyes and enjoy some bat-tastic spooking!! 

Tootsie Ghosts

Start by painting your child’s foot with non-toxic white washable paint and have them step on a black piece of card stock  (card stock because is more durable than black paper and won’t wrinkle when it dries). Once completely dry, turn upside down, take a white crayon and trace around the footprints making a ghost figure of each one. Finally, take a black crayon or sharpie and draw on scary ghost faces! Tootsie cute. 

Ice Lolly Stick Spider Webs

Criss-cross 3 wooden ice lolly sticks and glue together. Paint them any colour you like. Black, white and orange work particularly well. Once dry, cut a long piece of coloured wool or string in a contrasting colour. Tie one end to one of the lolly sticks and begin to wind-around in a web-like-fashion. Tie off to secure the loose end. Adding a spider is optional. Sticker spiders work well. Invite the real thing at your own risk!! 

Ghostly Leaves

Any excuse to get my kids outside I take it. Breathe in the crisp fresh air and go outside to find some large fallen leaves. This time of year the colours are gorgeous and you should easily be able to find fire red, pumpkin orange and yellow reminiscent of summer sun, but really any leaves will do! Put your dry leaves onto a wipeable surface (actually, a paper plate is a fab disposable painting tray!) and sponge on some white paint in any fashion you like. Glue on some spooky black eyes and mouth and pierce a hole in the top to hang it by string. 



Now that your house is suitably spooky go grab yourself a festive pumpkin spiced latte, sit back, and wait for the trick-or-treaters! 

Happy Halloweeeeeen to all our Au Pairs , Nannies and Host Families across London, Surrey and the Home Counties!! If you have any Halloween craft ideas of your own please head over to our Facebook page @PriveRecruitment and come and share them! We would love to see how you have been keeping your children entertained this Autumn!