Why use an Agency?

As an Au Pair sourcing your own placement on the Internet can be risky. We do not charge our Au Pairs a Registraftion Fee to help you find an Au Pair placement. It is lower risk letting an Agency help you, as the placement opportunities offered through us are professionally checked.

Are there any Fees associated with becoming an Au Pair?

Au Pair Fees may include expenses for Visa’s, Police and Medical Checks. Furthermore, the Au Pair pays the travel costs by himself or herself. In most countries, Au Pairs also bear the costs for their language courses.

Where can Au Pairs come to the UK from?

Under the Freedom of Movement Regulations, Au Pairs can come to the UK from the following countries:

Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Irish Republic, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Romania. Tier 5 ( Youth Mobility) Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Republic of Korea and Taiwan.

What to expect from a Nanny

Full-time Nannies (daily Nannies), normally work 5 days per week.  Most Nannies are willing to babysit one or two nights during the week, but this is paid in addition to the Nannie’s weekly net salary and is by separate negotiation. 

Nannies will wash and iron your children’s clothing and bedding, prepare nutritious meals and snacks and tidy your children’s bedroom(s), bathroom and playroom.

Our professional Nannies are not expected to do other household chores or cook for the entire family.  Nannies should tend to his/her duties when there is down time – whilst the children are at school/nursery or asleep.  

What is the average net Nanny salary?

Live-out Nanny (Daily Nanny)             

  • £10 – £15+/hour

Temporary Nanny                             

  • £12 – £15+/hour

Weekend Nanny            

  • £10 – £15+/hour

After School Nanny                            

  • £10- £15+/hour

Maternity Nurse                       

  • £13-£16+/hour

Night Nanny

  • £130-£160+/night

What Pocket Money should I pay an Au Pair?

Up to 25hrs (including 2 nights babysitting)

A minimum of £85/week

25-30hrs  (including 2 nights babysitting)

A minimum of £95/week

30-35hrs  (including 2 nights babysitting)

A minimum of £110/week

Additional hours of babysitting are by mutual agreement and will require additional Pocket Money to be paid to the Au Pair.

Au Pairs are exempt from the National Minimum Wage providing they live in a Host Family’s home in return for cultural exchange.

The hours of help the Au Pair provides should be spread over 5 days and agreed by discussion between the Family and the Au Pair before the placement commences.  Host Families should allow their Au Pair to have 2 full days off per week. These exact days should be agreed by discussion between the Host Family and the Au Pair and should include at least one weekend per month. On a day off, an Au Pair should not be required to help the Host Family.

What are typical Au Pair Responsibilities?

Au Pairs do not generally have formal Childcare qualifications and therefore it is at a family’s discretion to leave an Au Pair in sole charge of young children. Host Families should not leave an Au Pair in sole care of any child under 2 years.

An Au Pair can be expected to:

  • Help get children washed, dressed and ready for school/nursery
  • Take and collect children from school/nursery
  • Play with and entertain children
  • Babysitting

The following are typical light housework tasks that an Au Pair should expect to help with:

  • Preparing meals for the children
  • Keeping the kitchen clean and tidy
  • Washing dishes, including loading and unloading a dishwasher
  • Children’s laundry and ironing
  • Putting the childrens’ clean clothes away
  • Making and changing childrens’ beds
  • Cleaning childrens’ bathroom/nursery/playroom
  • Keeping their own room and bathroom clean
  • Light grocery shopping (not the entire household grocery shop)

As a Host Family what do we need to provide in terms of accommodation and food for the Au Pair?

An Au Pair should be provided with their own private room with a window. They should not be required to share with children. An Au Pair should be invited to take their main meals with the family. All accommodation and food should be provided free of charge, including on days when the Au Pair has free time.

What requirements do I need to meet if my Au Pair will be driving Driving as part of the placement?

If the Host Family requires their Au Pair to drive whilst in the UK, the following Guidelines apply:

  • The Host Family must ensure their Au Pair has a current licence with no convictions and be satisfied with how long they have been driving. An EU or EEA driving licence allows driving in the UK
  • The Family is responsible for insuring their Au Pair to drive the family car. The Au Pair must request to see that they have been included as a named driver on the Host Family insurance policy before driving any vehicle.
  • The Family should ensure that they are satisfied with the Au Pair’s driving skills before allowing them to drive their children.

Do Au Pairs need Health Insurance?

Au Pairs from the EU do not need Health Insurance as they are entitled to use our National Health Service.

Does a Host Family have to pay for the Au Pairs Language Course and/or travel costs?

Host Families should help their Au Pair to practise their English with them when going about their daily routine. An Au Pair may also want to attend language classes, which they would normally meet the cost of. Some of our Host Families offer to contribute towards or fully fund these lessons. Au Pair is responsible for travel expenses to and from the UK for the purposes of the placement, unless the Host Family offers to pay. The Host Family should meet the Au Pair at the place of arrival in the UK (airport/train station etc.).

Is an Au Pair entitled to Holiday?

Yes. The Host Family should allow their Au Pair to take 28 days holiday per year, including Public (Bank Holidays), allowing the Au Pair to go home to visit their family if they wish. For placements less than a year, this should be calculated on a pro-rata basis of 1.66 days per month. When the holidays are to be taken should be agreed by discussion between the Host Family and the Au Pair and they should continue to receive their usual Pocket Money during their holidays.

Do the Host Family/Au Pair have to provide Notice of ending the placement?

If the Host Family or Au Pair decides that they want to give Notice on the placement, they must give the other party (Au Pair/Host Family) a minimum of 2 weeks notification and inform Privé Recruitment. During the 2 week Notice Period the Host Family must ensure that the Au Pair is still provided with accommodation free of charge and is given their usual Pocket Money. In situations of Gross Misconduct the Notice Period will not apply. Please contact Privé Recruitment immediately and we will discuss how to proceed in these circumstances.